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October 11, 2022

New App For Contractors and Subcontractors Gets the Job Done

It can be tough out there in the trade industry, especially in today’s economic climate. Now more than ever, it’s important to have the right subbies by your side on the job site. Trusted, reliable gals and guys who get the job done, without fuss and on time. Seems like a mirage in the middle of the desert doesn’t it? Well, we’ve got good news. Finding the right subbie for the job is about to get easier.

Leading field service software group, simPRO, is gearing up to add another tool to its already extensive product offering–belt: Introducing Subeez™ by simPRO.

It’s a game changer for those in the trade world. Built to support both simPRO users and non-simPRO users alike, Subeez is a networking app to connect people and get the job done.

The Subeez by simPRO app is a one-stop-shop for subcontractor sourcing and management. It’s built to connect contractors with subcontractors who have the right skills to do the job. With it users can create and award quotes; accept and start work; and keep everyone up to speed on job progress.

Let’s cut to the chase–this is an app you’re going to want in your toolbelt. It also helps subcontractors keep their work schedules full, and helps contractors get back on the tools instead of on the phone chasing workers.

So how did it all come about, you ask?

simPRO CEO, Sean Diljore said the app is another way simPRO helps all trade businesses overcome challenges, no matter their size or industry.

“It’s tough out there in the trades at the moment. Businesses are struggling against inflation, cost of equipment and supplies, not to mention the shortage of workers. Many business owners are at breaking point. When you add the search for subcontractors on top of that, there’s a lot of stress on the shoulders of trade business owners.

“We’ve listened to our customers. We know the challenges of finding subcontractors and we’ve heard the call for a way to make the process easier. That’s why we created Subeez. It smooths the process of finding subcontractors and helps contractors move their business forward. It’s a win-win.

“We also recognize subcontractors and contractors have a close relationship. That’s why we wanted one central platform to make those relationships stronger and communication easier. It’s about creating an app that respects those relationships.”

Now that the Subeez by simPRO’s pre-release trials are in full swing , it will soon be ready to launch. That’s right, YOU can now sign up for early access to this innovative app and experience the benefits for yourself. Interested? Top subcontractors are a tap away: Sign up to the waitlist here.

Top subcontractors are a tap away: Sign up to the waitlist here.

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