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February 8, 2022

Madeleine Coutanceau Celebrates 10 Years at simPRO

Announcements | 3 minute read

It’s been 10 years since Madeleine Coutanceau joined simPRO as part of the support team. Since then, she’s brought dedication and enthusiastic energy to a variety of roles throughout the company. Today she’s simPRO’s Senior Systems and Salesforce Administrator and manages our CRM, connected apps and all their processes.

We caught up with Madeleine to chat about her journey at simPRO and some of her favorite moments.

Q. Do you have a favorite story from your decade with simPRO?

A. Honestly the fact that I met my now wife at simPRO, that's the best story of all!

Q. Tell us a little bit about your journey at simPRO

A. I actually came to know about simPRO as I was working for one of their customers. I was working for a solar company during the solar rebate boom, and once those rebates started to die off, I was made redundant. I approached some staff I knew at simPRO to see if there was a role for me at the company. And there was - that's when I joined the support team.

I was in that role for six months before the sales team approached me to work in a sales administration role, as that’s where my prior experience was. I worked in that role for a few years, working with the teams to streamline the lead to proposal process, designing proposals, calculating commissions and training other sales administrators in other countries (simPRO also has offices in the US, UK and New Zealand).

I was then approached by simPRO’s COO to take on a brand new role as the process coordinator, where I aligned all operational processes across the business and really figured out my career path. I had to align, document and audit all the processes which then put me in a great position to implement new internal systems into our business.

Then, I moved into the role of senior systems and Salesforce administrator. Over the last five years, I have managed and administered Salesforce for simPRO and its connected apps. I am part of a team of three, and as a team we still manage all processes and process documentation.

It's never a dull day at simPRO, with all its growth and change, it's been a fun and challenging ride!

Q. What is one thing that has changed the most during your time here?

A. Where to start! Certainly the size of the business and its success. When I started there were only around 40 people in the Australian office as well as a few in New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Now we’re a global team of more than 400. I am proud to be a part of a company that has been through so much change and continued to grow to what it is today.

Q. What is the best ‘work perk’ at simPRO?

A. Working in a lovely spacious office and getting free lunch!

Q. Ten years is a great milestone. How do you feel about reaching this anniversary?

A. I’m super proud to be honest. I don’t think many people my age can say they’ve already been in a job for 10 years, but yet I have many friends at simPRO that have reached that milestone too. It just shows we have a great company, and wonderful people working here.

Q. What piece of advice has helped you the most over your 10 years?

A. To be yourself, be honest, own up to any mistakes and continually challenge yourself. When I follow those tips, I feel successful at my job, and at life, too!

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