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February 3, 2021

7 ways simPRO’s eForms improves data collection and processing

Business Advice | 3 minute read

What if you could fill out and manage your forms digitally rather than on paper? With simPRO’s eForms, you can! The standalone eForms app allows field service businesses to capture information via a mobile device or tablet and avoid unnecessary manual data entry.

Here are eight ways in which eForms from simPRO is changing the way field service businesses manage data collection and data processing.

A digital form with an organized task list.

1. Create professional forms for data collection

Collecting data on a paper form can sometimes equate to the daunting task of deciphering illegible handwriting. With digital forms, your field staff can collect information in a manner that is easy to read for your office staff and your customers. This added clarity provides an extra level of professionalism and boosts your competitive edge.

A man holding a mobile device to access the eForms mobile app

2. Quick access to important data

With the eForms mobile app, field staff can access any of the forms that simPRO users have created in the system. This instant and easy access to forms prevents the loss of paper forms or the stress of shuffling through files to find the right forms. With eForms, your team has instant access to your business forms as needed to minimize job delays and maintain customer satisfaction.

A form field on a digital form on a tablet.

3. Customize and personalize your forms

The eForms app also includes an eForm Designer. This tool allows users to make templates out of commonly used forms. If you work in an industry that requires specific form structure, or specific fields for compliance standards, use the eForm Designer to quickly recreate forms in a digital template.

Additionally, the ability for customization in eForms provides an extra opportunity for business branding as you can add logos and supporting images in your form design.

A man checking off tasks on a digital form from his laptop.

4. Collect data in various formats

Add a variety of fields to your forms such as text fields, signature fields, a drawing panel, image upload fields and other custom fields for data entry. Field staff can attach important documents to their digital forms, like site photos or drawings that can help other members of their team when working on the same site in the future.

A man holding a mobile device with simPRO eForms on the screen.

5. Auto-fill forms when linked to simPRO

eForms is a standalone solution provided by simPRO. However, those using simPRO's job management software can actually integrate their build with the eForms tool.

By linking eForms with a simPRO build, field staff can enter a simPRO job number at the top of a form and data already stored against the job in simPRO will auto fill in the relevant form fields.

A man holding a clipboard with a form for industry compliance.

6. Maintain proof of compliance

JSAs, SWMS, and other compliance-related forms can all be loaded into eForms or designed using eForms Designer. Once these forms are completed by field staff, users can push those forms into a simPRO build and then attach them to the relevant job or quote.

This allows businesses to maintain accurate and easy-to-access records of their adherence to industry standards and regulations.

The office building of a field service business.

7. Remove unnecessary field staff travel to the office

Once a form has been completed in eForms, it can be submitted through the eForms Portal. Office staff can then access and process the form in the eForms Portal whether that be saving it to a certain location, printing or assigning it to a job or quote in simPRO.

This digital transfer removes the need for field staff to drive back to the office to hand in forms, and office staff no longer need to wait on paperwork.

Visit the simPRO website to learn more about eForms and other helpful software features for job management.

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