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August 27, 2019

Calculate your sales tax with the simPRO Taxify integration

Integrations | 2 minute read

Calculating the right amount of sales tax can be frustrating when working with constantly changing laws and multiple tax agencies. But, a new integration with Taxify takes the hassle out of tax compliance for field service businesses.

Taxify helps businesses in the United States to comply with changing tax laws. They offer up-to-date nation-wide tax rates, tax forms, automated filing and remittance, and flexible reporting.

The integration brings Taxify’s leading sales tax calculator directly into simPRO. With a single click, the automated sales tax calculator provides highly accurate estimates. These can be instantly added to jobs and quotes in simPRO.

Taxability Codes allow businesses to apply default classifications to the goods and services they offer. Taxify can then match materials, labor rates, and service fees to the correct tax laws for the corresponding worksite.

taxability code setup on screen

An “Estimate Sales Tax” link is available in jobs and quotes. This is shown in the Parts and Materials list. After adding all the items required, clicking the link will launch the sales tax calculator. First, Taxify tries to match the Customer’s Site Address to a known US address. If the match is not perfect, the staff member will be asked to confirm the suggestion is right.

Taxify sales calculation on screen

Within seconds, Taxify provides a tax estimate. This uses the addresses of the field service business and the customer, as well as the rates for every item included in the quote or job. The calculation can then be instantly applied to the quote or job as a line item.

This automatic calculation means staff can rapidly apply the right tax rates with a click of a button. This improves staff efficiency and accuracy in collecting sales tax to give field service businesses greater certainty in their tax planning.

Two new reports round out the integration and provide an audit trail. The Taxify Log Report records every time staff use the sales tax calculator, along with the outcomes. Also, the Sales Tax Report shows a breakdown of sales tax charged for a specified period. This can be accrual or cash based and can assist in submitting tax filings.

Taxify log report on screen

Normally available only to Taxify subscribers, the calculator is being offered as a free service to simPRO customers. Alternatively, the integration can be configured using your business's own Taxify account. To find out more and register for the integration, please visit the Taxify integration page on the simPRO website.

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