5 Simpro reports to help you understand your data

March 23, 2020

Understanding the overall health and financial status of your business can be difficult without the right insights.

Dedicating time to reviewing and managing your data will enable you to identify workflow blockages, eradicate outdated information, pinpoint discrepancies in revenue and much more.

Whether you're new to Simpro or an experienced user, we've put together our top five reports that are available in Simpro to help you understand your business data.

If you're not using these reports, consider taking the time to work them into your regular data analysis processes - they could take your insights to new levels!

1. Price Discrepancies Report

This report is a handy tool that will help you monitor materials and supplier costs, and help you identify when you may need to switch suppliers to get a better price for you and your customers.

You can use it to review individual items on supplier invoices, such as price discrepancies, applied credits and updated pricing.

2. Stock Value Report

Inventory review is a time-consuming reality for many businesses. Controlling the amount, location and type of inventory is a huge job in itself, add to it the need to regularly account for the value of materials and you've got a real (and frequent!) headache for businesses.

The Stock Value Report will help you track the value of your inventory throughout the year. It displays an overview of the value of inventory in your storage devices - including in separate warehouses, work vehicles, and site locations on specific dates making it easier for you to manage.

You can also use the extended Report View to see the quantity and value of your inventory items according to part number.

3. Job WIP Report

Not every job progresses in a straight line from start to finish. It's important to be able to stay on top of bumps at every stage as an irregular timeline will cut into your cash flow if you are not regularly invoicing.

That is where the Job WIP Report can help. It will show you Jobs that have been partially or not yet invoiced, identifying issues early on so you can manage your cash flow and other jobs accordingly.

4. Duplicate Contacts Report

The Duplicate Contacts Report is a quick win for any business. Use it to identify any duplicate contacts in your system, and then simply merge them to create a single contact entry.

This handy report will help your admin team tell J. Smith's from J Smith's and clean up your data in the process - making your information more accurate, consistent and professional.

5. Licence Report

In Simpro, your contractors and employee records can include valuable information about their licensing. Ensuring that your field staff are properly licensed is a crucial piece of data to monitor regularly.

The Licence Report displays the licences of all your field staff as well as their expiration dates. In just a few short clicks, you can have a full picture of your team and their credentials.

Data is the key to unlocking optimal operations management

It can help you streamline your business, improve processes and have a positive impact on your bottom line. With over 60 reports available in Simpro to explore every part of your operation, now is a great time to start understanding your data.

If you are looking to improve your data management and reporting, check out the reporting page on our website.