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July 25, 2019

3 simPRO apps to improve your technician-based workflows

Product Update | 5 minute read

simPRO's ability to amend workflow blockages and improve operational processes is not limited to the office. There are also a range of solutions that target the efficiency of technicians.

If you are a business professional who is looking to:

  • Improve important KPIs like:
    • Time-to-site
    • First time fix rates
    • Time-to-complete
  • Gather more field service data, like:
    • Site photos and drawings
    • Site and attending technician history
    • Customer history
  • Have better customer-technician relationships
  • Optimise the speed and efficiency of a team in their day-to-day processes

Then it's likely there is a solution on offer at simPRO that can benefit you.

Whether you're a current user or curious about what simPRO can bring to your business, it's important that our add-on solutions are on your radar, because they have some serious firepower.

Below is a look at the top three simPRO apps that can improve technician-based, field workflows.

simPRO Mobile

simPRO mobile user interaction

simPRO Mobile is an application that has been 10 years in the making.

It has been influenced by two key, customer-based, factors:

  • simPRO's implementation trainers (who work in-house with businesses as they implement simPRO software)
  • The Ideas Portal (a customers-only forum where simPRO users can submit and vote on ideas they would like to see developed in the software).

Designed to optimise the common, in-the-field workflows of technicians, this application for Android and iOS can be used on tablet and smartphone devices.

The three modules currently available for use in simPRO Mobile are:

  • The Quote and Sales module
  • The Timesheet module
  • The Service module

These enable technicians to execute multiple service workflows with a single app on their smartphone or tablet device, including:

  • Recording timesheet-based information
  • Reviewing important customer, job and site details and histories
  • Completing, editing and updating job cards
  • Upselling additional parts or services

simPRO Mobile digitises the manual entry processes associated with these workflows, and creates the opportunity for access to important business information that technicians may have been otherwise unable to see, like site and attending technicians histories.

In doing so, this app not only improves the speed at which technicians can work, but also expands the level of knowledge they are operating with - inviting the opportunity for a more comprehensive and informed service for their customers.

The latest release for the simPRO Mobile is the Service module. It offers technicians access to in-depth information like customer and job details, site and attending technician history, job and site attachments, and more.

If you are in pursuit of a mobile solution that can help you improve the efficiency of your technicians in completing in-the-field, service workflows, click here.

simPRO eForms

simPRO eforms user interaction

This is a standalone app from simPRO that offers all the advantages of capturing information associated with traditional paper forms, whilst optimising the data capture experience.

The app targets workflows associated with paper-based forms like JSAs, compliance and regulation reports, and other key business records that, legally, must be maintained.

With eForms, technicians can access digital templates of business forms on an Android or iOS-powered tablet. They can digitally complete the forms and then submit them to an eForms Portal where office staff can access and download them for optimal record-keeping.

Some features of the eForms app include:

  • Better presentation of forms
  • The ability for businesses to design and customise their forms
  • Improved levels of readability (through the digitisation of data entry)
  • Even more types of data (like photos and drawings) to be collected and stored
  • Minimised need to return to the office to lodge forms as they can be submitted online

This digital completion, automated submission, and online access, strengthens the flow of information between the office and the field.

It makes storing and completing forms a breeze for technicians and means administrative staff are not waiting on employees to return to the office to lodge forms.

If you are interested in improving the readability of your business forms, and ensuring that they are presented and stored well, click here.


simTRAC user interaction

simTRAC is another standalone offering from simPRO that combines software and hardware to monitor the exact location of members of your fleet in real time.

Through tracking, businesses can collect even more data regarding technician travel, and use it to optimise the routes they take, and the jobs they are appointed to.

In knowing the exact location of your technicians, schedulers can not only decide who is the best man for the job, but who is the closest and most readily available to attend.

Improved visibility of staff, and understanding of their location, introduces opportunities to reduce costs associated with travel, schedule smarter and even improve driver safety (by limiting their need to race across to another side of town to complete a job!).

Some features of simTRAC include:

  • Live GPS tracking to see where vehicles are located at any time
  • Detailed reporting on on-site and travel time, vehicle speeds and more
  • Driver identification to assign vehicles and manage driver histories
  • Geofencing to define perimetres for technicians to stay within when travelling
  • Replay function to review vehicle movements

For business owners, this high-level visibility and tracking means more data is being collected by fleet vehicles for business reporting and analysis - like travel time, vehicle speeds and on-site times.

This knowledge can not only introduce new KPIs for technicians to work towards, but can also help operators hold members of staff accountable for their actions and efficiency on site.

If you are keen to increase your visibility of your fleet and collect more data related to technician travel, click here.

simPRO is not just about optimising office operations its about ensuring your team in the field are keeping up too

These three solutions alone offer businesses the tools to monitor technicians, hold them accountable for their actions, and better enable them in their field workflows.

The key to improving service and customer relationships, and by extension loyalty, is through offering a service that is the best it can be, right from the start.

Business can achieve this by arming their field teams with tools that can streamline data entry and expand the level of knowledge they possess when attending a site.

Doing this will keep your team happy as they feel supported and enabled, which in turn will impact their relationship with their work and your customers.

To learn more about these additional solutions that simPRO offers, and discuss the benefits you are looking to achieve for you and your team, why not give us a call today?

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