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ePlumbing Estimators logo

ePlumbing Estimators


Plumbing Estimating Specialists ePlumbing Estimators provide flexible platforms to make estimating easy. They have also created a full set of commercial plumbing pre-builds for simPRO that link to the software package, Groundplan.About the integration Auto Sync:Receive regular automatic supplier catalogues directly into your simPRO build. Allowing you to quickly access accurate pricing and inventory for all of your estimating, quoting and invoicing needs.Catalogue Import:Regularly receive the correctly formatted catalogues and price lists from participating suppliers which can be imported directly into your simPRO build. Allowing you to quickly access accurate pricing and inventory for all of your estimating, quoting and invoicing needs.
Espro logo



Powerful estimating with Espro This simPRO integration provides a direct interface for sending estimates directly into your simPRO build. This interface will create the quote, create the cost centres, add the materials with net pricing as well as add the labour line item with hours and net dollars.Electrical Estimating Software Espro, a product of Spearhead Software, allows users to streamline their estimating process by building detailed and accurate estimates faster.
Fixitfaster logo



About the company Fixitfaster is a platform app that allows job requests to flow through from nearby customers to service people in their local area. Offering a range of household services from tradesmen to clearing, the app allows you to find the right people for your job.About the integration Fixitfaster allows job requests to flow through from nearby customers in need of your services, by putting your technicians on a live map within the app. The app allows you to manage the full customer experience from bookings enquiry, live chat, and right through to advising the customer a technician is on the way. Use Fixitfaster with simPRO to enhance the customer experience by providing live tracking from the Fixitfaster app to your customers.
Gmail logo



About the integration This integration allows simPRO users to easily add emails as notes to customers, leads, quotes and jobs, without needing to leave the Gmail screen. Once added to your Google Chrome browser, simPRO automatically recognises the email sender if their contact information is saved in simPRO. About the company Gmail is a free email service provided by Google.
Groundplan logo



About the company Groundplan is a cloud-based takeoff software tool that allows you to measure, quantify and connect the systems you use to create comprehensive estimates.About the integration Groundplan uses the simPRO API to allow users of both platforms to push estimates from Groundplan into simPRO, allowing you to easily finalise tender documents.
Link4 logo



About the company Link4 is a platform that allows users to receive and send invoices directly between systems, without the need for emails or PDFs. About the integration The simPRO and Link4 integration allows for simPRO customers to instantly receive invoices from suppliers who also use Link4. This alleviates the requirement for email or PDF invoices, saves time on manual entry and can take the pressure off accounts receivable.
MYOB logo



About the integration MYOB's integration with simPRO provides even more flexibility and control for your business. This integration allows you to send information directly from simPRO into MYOB, saving you and your team countless hours cross referencing data.Linked bank accounts mean that reconciling payments and invoices is also a breeze. Once in MYOB, payments can then be brought back into simPRO ensuring all your data is consistent.About the company MYOB is a cloud-based accounting software. From payroll to managing bills and meeting your tax obligations, MYOB enables you to run your business from wherever you are, at any time.
Oncord logo



About the integration The simPRO and Oncord integration allows users of both platforms to send e-mail and SMS marketing campaigns to simPRO contacts and sync web forms as leads in simPRO.About the company Oncord is a cloud-based website/marketing platform and contact database.
Oracle NetSuite logo

Oracle NetSuite


About the company Oracle NetSuite’s SuiteCloud platform is a comprehensive offering of cloud-based products, development tools and services designed to help customers and commercial software developers take advantage of the significant economic benefits of cloud computing. Based on NetSuite, the industry's leading provider of cloud-based financials / ERP software suites, SuiteCloud enables customers to run their core business operations in the cloud, and software developers to target new markets quickly with newly-created mission-critical applications built to extend the power of NetSuite and unlock further growth for NetSuite customers. About the integration A financial management integration to support business strategy and growth. Use the integration between simPRO and NetSuite to scale for growth, optimise for efficiency and make informed decisions. By transferring key information including customers, suppliers, payments, invoices and credits, your field service business can develop a deeper understanding of your financial performance.
Outlook logo



About the integration Through the integration between simPRO and Outlook, users can easily create new leads and add customers in simPRO. They can also easily attach emails as notes to customers cards, leads, quotes and jobs without leaving Outlook.Once the integration is installed, simPRO automatically recognises the email sender in Outlook if their information is saved within the build.About the company Microsoft Outlook is a Microsoft application that is used mainly to send and receive emails. It can also be used to manage various types of personal data including calendar appointments and similar entries, tasks, contacts, and notes.
PlanSwift logo



This integration allows you to utilise the catalogue items and pre-builds from simPRO to calculate accurate take-offs and estimates for jobs and projects. When your take-off is complete, data is sent back to simPRO as a quote ready for your customer’s approval. PlanSwift is a desktop software solution that allows you to quickly point and click to calculate take-offs for simple or complex areas, items, lengths, volumes and perimeters.
Podium logo



About the company Podium is a tool that makes it easier to collect online reviews, communicate with your customers and win more leads. About the integration Use the integration between simPRO and Podium to generate an automated text requesting a review for your business when a job is completed. You can also automate the sending of feedback requests, appointment reminders and even custom messages.
QuickBooks logo



About the integration This integration allows you to send important data, such as your customer, supplier and contractor invoices directly from simPRO to QuickBooks with a few clicks.It allows you to seamlessly manage both the operational and financial side of your business in a streamlined way. About the company QuickBooks is a cloud-based management platform, with products that serve the needs of self-employed, small business, accountants and bookkeepers.
SPARX logo



About the integration SPARX automatically populates electrical pre-builds into simPRO with up-to-date costs from your suppliers, so you can trust that your estimates are accurate. This saves you time and reduces the chance for errors and in-turn helps you build a better customer experience for your clients allowing you to create far more competitive estimates. It also allows customisation of the pre-build with your buy price from supplier catalogues, ensuring accurate material costs across your estimate. About the company SPARX is an electrical database, brought to you by TradeService, that contains over 6000 electrical Pre-Builds to give you the building blocks to create accurate, profitable and winning electrical estimates. TradeService has been servicing the electrical industry with data solutions since 1982.
Square logo



About the integration Square offers an electronic point of sale hardware that allows businesses to accept payments anywhere in the field.Take advantage of Square’s affordable POS hardware for tap and go payments, or manually enter card details for secure processing.About the company Building easy tools to empower and enrich people, Square is committed to making payments easy for anyone with an idea they believe they can make a living from.They facilitate electronic payments, provide hardware for payment processing and other business tools.
SyncEzy logo



About the integration SyncEzy will help you take the automation of your business to the next level. With a simple installation, you can quickly connect the most common functions of your multiple business software to perform common tasks automatically with simPRO. CRM Infusionsoft Mailchimp Salesforce Zoho CRM Hi Pages CRM HubSpot PropertyMe Payroll Xero Payroll Task Management Encircle ASANA TSheets Pipedrive Storage Dropbox One Drive Google Drive Sharepoint About the company SyncEzy is a small company that loves helping customers of all sizes create Integration solutions. With customers and staff located all over the world, they specialise in providing deep integrations with select software solutions.
Talk 5 logo

Talk 5


About the company Talk 5 gives businesses the ability to provide multilingual auditing to their staff via speaking and listening as well as reading and writing, in over 50 languages.About the integration Create and send Talk 5 audits to staff who are scheduled to specific jobs in simPRO. Talk 5 takes the hassle out of managing completed audits by sending a PDF copy to simPRO when staff sign off.
TSheets logo



TSheets is a time tracking software tool that employees of simPRO customers can use to clock in or out with ease. This integration allows users to automatically create detailed jobs in TSheets from simPRO jobs, with all the section and cost centre information. Then, users can accurately record time against every minute detail in jobs, sections, and cost centres.TSheets is a time tracking software established in 2006 enabling businesses to track time with ease.
Wink Reports logo

Wink Reports


Wink Reports connects simPRO to other cloud software so you can generate custom reports. A reporting tool that enables you to design and build tailor-made reports for your business. When integrated with simPRO, Wink can generate reports on Accounts, Assets, Customers, Inventory, Invoices, Materials, Projects, Sites, Tasks, and Utilities.Wink Reports connects all of your cloud software to generate custom reports.Align your job tracking, inventory and sales and marketing systems, and build a custom dashboard that provides you reports from all of your cloud software in the once place.
Xero logo



About the integration The Xero integration makes simPRO a truly end-to-end operations management software. From invoices through to payments, this integration will help you save time cross-referencing transitions, eliminate manual data entry and keep your financials accurate.Xero syncs with your simPRO build so you can send customer, contractor and supplier invoices and information directly from simPRO to Xero. With a direct bank feed to Xero, reconciliation is also a breeze. Payments made to your bank accounts are linked to invoices that most likely match the payment. Once in Xero, this information can then be brought back into simPRO ensuring your data is consistent.About the company Xero is a cloud-based accounting software used in over 50 countries. Xero enables business owners to automate everyday business tasks, get real-time financials and run business from anywhere at any time.
Zapier logo



About the integration The simPRO Zapier integration eliminates double handling of data and automatically triggers events between systems. Use our pre-made Zap Templates to start automating your processes now.About the company Zapier is a cloud based platform that allows end users to integrate multiple web applications they use through automations called ‘Zaps’.
zzBots logo



About the integration zzBots enables you to integrate simPRO and other applications such as PlanSwift, Google Calendar, Trello, WordPress, Outlook and more so you can create bespoke automations for workflows. About the company zzBots is an automation software that allows you to integrate your apps and automate your business.

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