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Enhance asset maintenance with IoT

Connect physical assets to digital solutions

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Connected assets. Intelligent maintenance.

Keep critical assets operating in peak condition for as long as possible and be alerted to faults before they happen with simPRO’s unique IoT solution. Enhance your service level agreements with remote monitoring, condition-based maintenance and automation of workflows.

Increase asset uptime

Keep assets running in peak condition for longer with intelligent maintenance.

Expand business capabilities

Take on more sites and contracts without expanding business overheads.

Enhance customer service

Monitor assets even when you can’t access the sites and increase first-time fix rates.

Grow new revenue streams

Introduce new revenue streams through diversification of service offerings or business scaling.

From data collection through to information analysis and job creation, simPRO’s unique combined hardware and software solution enables you to take full control of asset maintenance.

With simPRO IoT you can remotely monitor and collect data from assets, such as air conditioners, and receive alerts of anomalies or unit faults. Then, use other simPRO features to easily schedule and dispatch field staff to the job.

Find out how you can harness the power of simPRO’s IoT solution.

How simPRO IoT works

Investigate potential faults before your customers even know there’s a problem with IoT. Retrofit existing equipment with sensors and start collecting live data. This collected data is transmitted via nodes, through a gateway to the Cloud. From here, the data flows into your simPRO IoT environment. simPRO IoT dashboards are then used to help you analyse trends, predict component failure, send alerts and create jobs when readings are outside the specified range.

Want to find out more about IoT?

simPRO’s easy to install IoT packs

iot introduction pack - blue electronic circuitry with key and home

The IoT Introduction Pack is the ideal starting point. This pack can be used to set up a live site survey to test the viability of an IoT network in a designated customer site.

  • Includes a core set of temperature monitoring nodes that can be used across many use cases.
  • Measure ambient temperature, humidity and point temperature.

Core Pack

Build on the environmental monitoring capability introduced in the Introduction Pack with the Environmental Monitoring - Core Pack.

  • Detect conditions which lead to mould.
  • Monitor the environment of critical areas such as a server room.
  • Measure ambient temperature, humidity and point temperature.

Advanced Pack

Monitor equipment and plant rooms for environmental impacts of operations with the Environmental Monitoring - Advanced Pack.

  • Monitor working conditions, building wellness and air toxicity.
  • Measure temperature, humidity, VOCs, CO, CO2, light and noise.

Water Quality Pack

Monitor variables such as the temperature of supplied or stored water with the Water Monitoring - Water Quality Pack.

  • Monitor stored water tank temperatures.
  • Identify variations in hot water.
  • Identify rising temperature of standing/supplied cold water.
  • Monitor cold, hot or mixed temperatures of multiple sentinel points.

Water Leak Detection Pack

Monitor rooms and areas for water leaks to catch problems before they become costly with the Water Monitoring - Water Leak Detection Pack.

  • Detect the presence of water in critical areas such as control rooms.
  • Detect leaks from key plant assets such as HVAC systems.

Equipment Pack

Monitor the temperature of various plant room equipment such as pumps, HVAC and chillers with the Temperature Monitoring - Equipment Pack.

  • Detect signs of wear and tear on assets through temperature measurements.
  • Measure the temperature of rooms, heating systems, chillers, compressors and pumps.

Refrigeration Pack

Monitor the temperatures of various refrigeration based equipment such as display chillers, cold rooms and more with the Temperature Monitoring - Refrigeration Pack.

  • Maintain proper conditions and reduce the loss of perishable items.
  • Measure the temperature of rooms, cold rooms, display chillers, fridges and freezers.

From raw data to actionable information

With simPRO IoT you can monitor sensor data and manage your portfolio of assets from one dashboard with widgets and reporting options to suit a range of requirements. Then, once you’re alerted to an asset fault or failure, you can quickly create a job and easily schedule a field staff member to the job. This 360 degree solution also enables you to take full advantage of other features such as asset management within simPRO and add-ons such as simPRO Mobile.

How can simPRO IoT help?

The introduction of IoT won’t just benefit your business, your customers will reap the rewards as well.

How simPRO IoT can help you How simPRO IoT can help your customers
Introduce a service differentiator and new revenue stream.    Maximised productivity due to limited asset downtime.
Maximise efficiency with automation and expand growth potential. Remote maintenance and more proactive repairs providing 24/7 peace of mind.
Enhance customer service, compliance and first-time fix rates. Increased visibility of critical assets and their performance.

"simPRO IoT links seamlessly with our core simPRO system and is live in a number of our client sites. simPRO IoT provides us with accurate, actionable insights into the operational performance of the facilities we manage, with a particular focus on delivering and maintaining wellbeing and environmental quality."

Aaron Guidice, Sowga

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