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Maximise customer, contractor and staff communications

The tools you need to make the most out of end-to-end job management

Create custom forms, send automated text messages and so much more with simPRO's unique software add-ons. These premium features connect with your primary simPRO build to provide a more robust field service management experience.

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Data Feed

Organise data collection and processing with simPRO’s Data Feed. This feature will scan your emails, attachments and other business documents to create a corresponding action based on your needs.


Create, populate and submit your forms digitally with simPRO’s eForms. This add-on allows you to create customised form templates to easily capture your incoming data. You can also use the eForms app to fill in and submit digital forms on a tablet or mobile device.


Enhance communication with your customers, staff and contractors using the SMS add-on. This streamlined service provides an easy way to send text directly to a mobile device from your main simPRO build.

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