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simPRO Update: Broader horizons for measurement and an enhancement to Gantt Charts

15 May 2020

The team at simPRO have been busy developing new enhancements to the operations management tool you love. This release (20.2.4) which will be rolling out from Monday, May 18th, includes new abilities around units of measurement, an update to Gantt Charts and import functionality added to storage locations for catalogue items. It will also launch the inclusion of major Australian and New Zealand Plumbing supplier Reece, as part of the automatic catalogue and invoice sync.

Illustration of stacked cubes being measured from multiple angles.

Record more types of measurements

simPRO has opened its doors to more symbols which means more units of measurement are supported. What does this mean for you? Now you can accurately record more kinds of stock, supplies and materials and have those measurements reflected right through your simPRO system.

New symbols supported

This update will allow you to record how many cubic meters of concrete were needed for the slab, or meters squared of turf you need for the yard that your team is working on. These are marked against the regular quantities that already exist within simPRO.

New fields in Form Builder

We have also added in the new ‘symbol for measurement’ field to the form builder template, so you can include the area and volume measurements to your invoices and quotes! Simply add this to your template and you’re good to go.

An enhancement to Gantt Charts

Thanks to the simPRO Ideas Portal, we have made a slight change to the way Gantt Chart dates work. To provide additional clarity, we have updated requirements in the dates fields. The Due Date is now used instead of the Complete Date to determine the end goal of the task on the chart.

This also means that when a task is marked as ‘Closed’ the Complete Date field will populate accordingly and therefore update the task timeline in the Gantt Chart. Any current tasks that you have open in a Gantt Chart will now be based on the due date as well.

Quickly update the storage location and re-stock levels

With the recent addition of multiple storage locations for your catalogue items, we have now added an import function so you can quickly update the storage location as well as adjust your minimum and restock levels.

Save time by exporting your catalogue items as a csv file, editing and then importing straight back into simPRO.

Illustration of simPRO and Reece logos in connected cogs.

Major Plumbing Supplier Reece is now available for Automatic Sync

Australia and New Zealand Only

Australia and New Zealand's leading supplier of plumbing and bathroom products, Reece, is now available for automatic sync.

This means following our latest simPRO Update, customers of Reece will be able to streamline their ordering and invoicing workflows by auto-importing Reece’s catalogue and invoices. This will not only save you time but also improve data quality with reduced ability for user error.

What else is new in simPRO?

With every release, there are slight improvements in addition to the main features we’ve included above. You can read the outline of all the enhancements made in the dedicated release notes for 20.2.4 in our Help Guide.

This will be available from Saturday, May 16th AEST.

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