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simPRO Appoints Cloud Services Manager

23 February 2021

Leading field service management software, simPRO, has named David Peters Cloud Services Manager, as part of a future focused investment in its cloud technology.

With more than 20 years experience in the industry, David brings with him to the role a wealth of knowledge and expertise on cloud services. Before joining simPRO, David worked for Acquia who manage more than 38,000 machines and whose top tier clients include Johnson & Johnson, Mediacorp, Princeton, Lululemon and more.

As Cloud Services Manager, David will lead the cloud service team as they focus on constant improvement of the cloud infrastructure simPRO products run on. This includes ensuring an ongoing stable, reliable and secure service for customers.

David will also work on designing the future architecture, plans and projects for the cloud services team to address all of these points.

“It’s important to me that we broaden the horizons of simPRO’s cloud services so we can continue to provide great service for our customers,” David said.

“It’s exciting being part of a team with a common goal of moving simPRO’s cloud infrastructure forward.”

Chief Technology Officer Rob Ormond, said as Cloud Services Manager, David brings to the company a lot of experience and knowledge moving simPRO in the direction we want to take our infrastructure.

“His role helps us define the future of cloud services at simPRO,” Rob said.

Rob explained the Cloud Services Manager role highlights simPRO’s continuing focus on reliability of service for simPRO users.

“It’s the same approach we take to all product development and systems at simPRO - continuous improvement,” he said

“We’re passionate about providing top level service to our customers.

“Our ongoing investment in our cloud services allows us to provide that to our customers now, and into the future.”

To find out more about simPRO, visit www.simprogroup.com.

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