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6 January 2020

New Innovations for the Field Service Industry in 2020

Business Advice | 2 minute read

New year, new you? More like new year, new technology for your industry! With technology-based tools rapidly advancing, it is no surprise that the field service industry is taking advantage.

No matter your business size, technology solutions can help your operations run more efficiently, assist in keeping your field staff safe, and increase both your competitive edge and your ability to meet customer expectations.

Multiple reports state that AI (artificial intelligence) will enhance the field service industry in 2020 and beyond. For example, 80% of technical experts across the industry believe that AI has the ability to enhance workforce skills and efficiency.1 Additionally, 10% of emergency field work will be scheduled by AI by 2020.2

1 Dataversity
2 Gartner

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Another prediction for 2020 is that mobile solutions will drive a large part of field service operations. A Gartner report notes that by 2020, more than 75% of field service organisations with over 50 users will deploy mobile apps that go beyond simplified data collection and add capabilities that help field staff succeed.

In short, technology solutions are rapidly becoming the standard for workforce operations, and the field service industry is no exception. You probably already know about technological tools like mobile solutions and field service management software, but are you curious about some of the newer technology advancements expected this year and beyond? Here are a few of the innovative tech solutions that we found interesting:

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New technology that will affect (or is already affecting!) the field service industry

  • Sensor equipped products
    Products equipped with smart sensors are already having a huge impact on the field service industry, and will continue to grow in popularity this year. Using the Internet of Things (IoT) and machine learning, these smart sensors can revolutionise predictive maintenance and allow field staff to provide service faster and more efficiently.
  • 3D printing
    No one likes waiting around for parts to complete a job. With advancements in 3D printing, field service businesses can instantly print the parts and tools they need, which cuts down on time to complete jobs and increases customer satisfaction. 3D printing has already made massive improvements in the healthcare and manufacturing industries, and as these printers continue to become more accessible and affordable, there is no doubt they will have a massive effect in the field service industry as well.
  • Service drones
    Sometimes, field service work can be incredibly dangerous. With drone technology now being implemented in the field service arena, businesses can use drones to access those hard-to-reach spots and high-risk areas. Drones can also be used to transport tools and small equipment back and forth to jobs sites saving time and providing convenience.
  • Wearable technology
    What if parts of your field staff uniforms were smart enough to show instruction manuals while working on repairs or monitor health status while working in risky environments? Wearable technology will not only help keep field staff safe or make their job easier, but it can also be used to provide feedback about the efficiency of service and reduce service errors.

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