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10 September 2021

What’s new in Data Feed: Unlock your productivity potential

Product Update | 2 minute read

The latest update to simPRO Data Feed delivers five new improvements. This update will start rolling into simPRO builds from Monday September 13th and includes:

Assign multiple field staff from a feed

Three field staff wearing hard hats looking at their job schedule on their tablet

If your business is growing and the size of the jobs you are taking on are getting bigger, maybe one field staff per job just isn’t enough. The latest Data Feed update allows you to assign and extract multiple field staff to a quote, job or task right from a feed. This new feature enables you to easily assign and manage your field staff’s workload allowing your staff to react and attend to a new job faster.

Manage sites and zones more efficiently

Data Feed is now capable of extracting zones and applying them to a created site. This update allows you to better manage the areas you operate in, giving you more control over sites and field staff’s areas of coverage.

Utilise feeds to their full capabilities

Computer processing multiple purchase orders at once and loading them into simPRO

Do you want to increase your day-to-day productivity and simplify your feeds? If your business is receiving a large amount of purchase orders in a single CSV file, streamline your workflow by automatically receipting multiple purchase orders. Simply upload your CSV, create a feed, and let Data Feed take care of the work. Data Feed provides flexibility with the kinds of purchase order feeds that can be set up, saving you time and allowing you to focus on higher value tasks.

Maintain and update site information with ease

Do you have customers that have a postal address different to their site postal contact? In Data Feed’s latest update, you no longer have to extract a complete site postal address in order to extract a site postal contact. Set up the fields when creating a new feed, and Data Feed will do the rest.

Tag, filter, report, repeat

Reporting and finding the right information at the right time can often be a frustrating and tedious process but applying tags can ease the pain. In the latest update of Data Feed, you can now extract and apply tags to quotes, jobs or leads created from a feed. These tags will allow you to filter and access your data with ease.

The latest Data Feed update brings through a suite of new capabilities designed to streamline your workflow and decrease data entry, allowing you to focus on high value tasks. Contact simPRO to learn more about adding Data Feed to your workflow or editing your existing feeds.

Learn more about the improved Data Feed experience via the simPRO Learning Help Guide.

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