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10 September 2019

Advanced business intelligence for field service

Product Update | 1 minute read

Field service businesses can develop deeper insights into their data with simPRO’s business intelligence tool, BI Reporting. Originally called Report Builder, BI Reporting complements simPRO’s real-time reporting to provide a comprehensive suite of field service analytics, reporting and dashboard tools for advanced business users. And now, simPRO customers can incorporate SQL queries into their data analytics with BI Reporting Premium.

Deeper insights to enhance business decision making

Behind the scenes, simPRO is an immense data warehouse. To derive clear business insights that can be actioned, decision-makers need tools that go beyond standard reports. Whereas simPRO reports show real-time data in a set format, BI Reporting is an interactive tool that provides the flexibility to interact with business data, develop tailored questions and build dashboards that guide tactical business decisions.

The standard version of BI Reporting is available free of charge to all simPRO customers. It allows users to:

  • Question, filter and group simPRO data to discover deeper connections in their business operations.
  • Visualise data with graphs and charts.
  • Design business intelligence dashboards that can be shared with other team members.

By upgrading to a Premium subscription, field service businesses will also be able to develop SQL filters and queries and automatically email regular updates to stakeholders.

Click here to find out how BI Reporting can give you deeper insights into your field service operations.

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