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8 ways simPRO's eForms makes your life easier

12th Jun 2019

Businesses are often built on paper forms, but have they met their match in digital apps?

eForms, simPRO's standalone app, offers all the advantages of capturing information with traditional paper forms, whilst optimising the data capture experience and preventing the unnecessary duplication of process.

This additional functionality means that eForms introduces new opportunities for enhanced data collection, processing and management for users.

Below are 8 ways that simPRO's eForms solution is changing the way people run their businesses.

1. Improves the presentation of forms

It's common for forms to find their way onto the floor, an untidy shelf or dark corner of a work vehicle when your techs are out on the job. Unfortunately, when this happens the clarity and readability of forms can be impacted.

With simPRO's eForms, your technicians can present digital forms that are always, easy-to-read and clear for your customers to interpret, bringing a competitive, professional edge to your business.

2. Provide instant access to minimise time wastage

With the eForms mobile app, technicians can access any of the forms that users have set up.

This instant and easy access to forms removes two major pain points common to the paper workflow:

Losing paper forms or grabbing the wrong one when leaving the office. Needing to return to the office to grab the right form or a new one.

With eForms, your team has instant access to any of your business documents as needed. This minimises job delays due to inaccurate documents and maintains great customer satisfaction.

3. Allows businesses to design and customise their forms

The eForms tool also has an eForm Designer. This is where users can template the forms that technicians use in the mobile app.

For those working in an industry that requires a specific form structure and specific fields of information, users can easily recreate them in a digital template. Plus, eForms enhances corporate branding thanks to the option to include logos and supporting images in the design!

If users would like to design a form that specifically addresses the compliance standards of their industry, this is also something they can achieve with the eForm Designer.

4. Tidies up manual entry and improves readability

When it comes to completing forms with the eForms app, technicians have the digital keyboard of their tablet or phone at their disposal.

So, not only is manual entry neater, but it is also quicker! You’ll spend less time worrying about paperwork, and more time focusing on the task at hand.

5. Offers new types of data to be collected

When templating forms for technicians to use, users can include different formats in which data can be collected.

Some of the fields that can be added to forms include:

  • Text Field
  • Signature Field
  • Drawing Panel
  • Image Upload
  • and more!

This is where eForms really enhances data collection for businesses. Technicians can attach important documents to their digital forms, like site photos or drawings that can help other members of their team when working on the same site in the future.

6. Auto-fills forms with data when linked with simPRO

eForms is a standalone solution provided by simPRO. However, those using simPRO's job management software can actually integrate their build with the eForms tool.

By linking eForms with a simPRO build, technicians in the field can enter a simPRO job number at the top of a form and data already stored against the job in simPRO will be pulled in - auto filling relevant fields in the form.

This eradicates the need for manual entry and saves time for both technician and customer.

7. Maintains proof of compliance when linked with simPRO

JSAs, SWMS, and other compliance-related forms can all be loaded into eForms or designed using the designer tool.

Once these forms are completed by techs in the field, users can push those forms into a simPRO build and then attach them to their relevant job or quote.

This allows businesses to maintain accurate and easy-to-access records of their adherence to industry standards and regulations.

8. Removes need to return to the office between jobs to lodge forms

eForms isn't only for technicians. Once a form is completed using the mobile app, they can then submit that form to the eForms Portal.

The portal is for the team members who manage forms as they are completed and lodged by technicians. Office staff can access forms and process them as they normally would in the eForms Portal - whether that be saving them to a certain location, printing them for filing, or assigning them to a job or quote in simPRO.

Technicians don't need to drive all the way back to the office to hand in their forms, and office staff don't need to wait on techs and their paperwork. This again optimises the data collection and management processes so they are as effective and quick as possible.

Want to know more about simPRO's eForms solution? Check it out on our website, and register to get a free 14-day trial!